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Law of manifestation

What we in our hearts and minds believe or long for, becomes manifest in our reality. The Law of Attraction states that we draw to ourselves vibrationally anything that we focus on…. or “like attracts like”. So, we manifest into our reality that which we focus upon!
Manifestation is where dreams become real. It is our magic key to the kingdom of achieving our dreams. We can choose to learn how to become conscious creators.
There is a law operating in the universe that is SO amazing in its potential that we could be surprised to discover we are using it every day without even realising it (although often in the wrong way, which is called creating unconsciously)!
Here’s how we manifest…
Knowledge Is Power!
This has been kept hidden for so long by the edicts of religion. Religion teaches a separate God – Him and ‘us’. We are taught that we are separate, and that we have no power, and no right to knowledge of that power, except through the ‘intermediaries’ of the ‘priests’. It is religion that has ‘kept us in our place’ all these years. To give the people knowlege is to give the people power. To give the people power is to risk rebellion in the ranks of the ‘sleeping’!

BUT… The Divine Source calls for all of us to awaken from our slumber of ignorant belief of ‘separateness’. Separateness is an ILLUSION that we humans have been taught – separateness from the plants and animals and stars and planets – and yes, even separate from God! But we are NOT separate. We are ALL ONE! “aham brahmasmi”. This is the knowledge that has been kept from us. Why? To keep us from knowing our True Power! What is our True Power? That we are God Made Manifest!

How Do We Manifest?
We need to know that we manifest all the time. We are constantly creating and shaping the world around us by our thoughts and beliefs.
“The universe supports the reality of your beliefs absolutely. When you believe you must struggle for abundance, then it will bring about situations that are conducive to struggle; when you elieve you cannot experience love without pain,the universe will give you exactly that – love with pain;
when you believe it takes time for an illness to heal – then so it will.
There is not a single force opposing you, there is only ONE force supporting you absolutely.
It is called LOVE, the force that birthed you, that created you in its own image.
This love is so magnanimous it will give you exactly and absolutely whatever it is that your reality entails. Change your beliefs and you change your reality.”
We are not just sitting ducks at the mercy of fate (this is creating unconsciously)! We are Manifesters of Dreams. We are Creators of our own Realities. We are POWERFUL Spiritual Beings! Co-Creators with God! Each of us is a spark of the Divine, so really we can say that WE ARE GOD MADE MANIFEST! We have a choice on what we manifest… If we want to create consciously, what we need to do is decide what we want, visualise, energise with positive thought, believe, then LET GO and let it materialise!

Thought vs. Consciousness
We are NOT our brains. Our brains are composed of meat, like the rest of us, and our brains will rot along with the rest of our body when we die. Our brains are an organ in of our bodies, that allows us to interpret the material world we live in with our five senses. Sometimes our brains malfunction. They are after all, simply (or maybe not so simply) computers, capable of being programmed.

So, if we are not our brains, then whence come our thoughts? We have a consciousness. Our consciousness ‘was’ before we were born and ‘will continue to be’ once we have departed. Our consciousness is our Soul’s isness of its own existence. But because we think with our brains, we are fooled into believing that our brains are the origin of our thoughts. Not So! Our soul is the origin of our Mind (consciousness), with the brain being the tool.

Our subconscious mind is the part of us that creates our realities for us according to our beliefs. It does not distinguish between what it is ‘told’ is true and real, and what ‘is’ true and real. It just does as it is bid. So if you say (with belief) “I am slim” for instance, that is what is your subconscious believes and will manifest for you.

First of All, Be Careful What You Wish For – INTENTION Is All !!
As I say, thoughts are very powerful. What we refer to as ‘intention’ is the energy or ‘power’ behind the thought. It is that which decides what the corresponding reaction (or outcome) of our thought will be. The result, or effect, of what you manifest through your intent is experienced as Karma. Karma is cause and effect (as you sow, so you shall reap). What you ‘intend’ with your thoughts, is what you will experience back in your life, one way or another!
“Thoughts are Boomerangs, choose wisely which ones you throw!”

Ok, Where To Start?
Life is a skill we can learn. To manifest your dreams, you simply create in your mind a blueprint… a ‘perfect picture’ of all that you desire. Hold nothing back! The universe wants to give you over and above what you think you want or deserve.

– Visualise what you want, using as many of your senses as possible.
– Feel it, smell it, see it, touch it, feel the emotions attached to it (the joy and happiness of achieving it)!
– Make it like a multi-dimesnsional reality for you as you relax somewhere.

Do NOT say things like “I wish”, “I hope” or “I want”! In your visualizations, make it in the PRESENT TENSE – eg: “I AM………” or “I HAVE…….” An example would be “I have loving people in my life”, rather than “I want someone to love me”. And then imagine how it FEELS to have that. So, coupled along with visualization of what you want to manifest, is the Feeling associated with it, and imagine it as though it has already happened, which is most important.
The author Louise Hay is a visionary, and her book “You Can Heal Your Life” broke new ground at the time it was released, and is still today transforming the lives of millions. She came through major hurdles in her younger years to become the blazing spirit she is now. She ranks very highly as a courageous writer who encouraged us to embrace self empowerment and accept responsibility for ourselves.

Jesus said, “When you pray, pray as though you have already received it, and you shall surely have it”. So, imagine it as if it is already arrived in your world! There is simply NO PLACE FOR DOUBT! Remember that doubt will only create situations and people around you who confirm that Doubt.
The Art Of Manifestation

“The ‘Art’ of Manifestation is really not based on talent and skill, but the simple recognition of the most fundamental universal law.

The Universe supplies exactly and absolutely what you perceive your reality to be,
that is to say, what you believe in.

If your appeal is “I want …”, then it gives you precisely that, more of WANT, and not WHAT you want for your reality is that you WANT.

Rather, state the most powerful words in existence: “I AM…”,
and then add what you perceive yourself to be and KNOW that it already IS.
Do not hope or wish for – simply know that it already IS and give thanks.

The immediacy of the intended manifestation is in direct proportion to the FEELING with which you charge your thoughts and words. As you still believe in time, it may take a little time to translate into the physical, but it MUST manifest. ”
The power operating behind the scenes is Divine Energy. As already stated in other places, what we think and believe becomes real. What we put our minds to in the etheric regions of thought, becomes manifest in what we perceive as our reality.

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Law of attraction

Each individual has a lot of untapped potential in himself. Are you aware that every experience that you have undergone in life till now is because of your thoughts and emotions behind these thoughts? Examine your life. You are happy with some of the conditions and unhappy with some. Most of us end up believing that we are a victim of destiny. But that is far away from truth. Life is a beautiful game and like every game it also has Laws which we need to understand in depth to win this game.
I am sure no one contradicts the law of gravity. No matter we believe it nor not it never fails to be active. Same is the case with Universal Laws. They exist and affect our lives even though we are not conscious about them. Gravity is perhaps the weakest of all Universal Laws. It only affects the earth, but the Universal Laws affect all dimensions of each being and object in this Universe.
The Law of Attraction, is undoubtedly the strongest of all the Universal Laws. To put it in few words “Like attracts like” or “That which is likened unto itself is drawn”. It means that whatever we focus on by means of our thoughts, we will have it in our life. If we focus on what we want we will attract it, on the other hand, if we focus on what we don’t want we will attract it too!
I know what you must be thinking. You must be wondering that if all I have said above is true what is reason you were not aware of it. Or some of you must be wondering why don’t you have the money you have wished for years now.
The Law is very simple. Our thoughts are very haphazard and short living. For instance, when you say “ I want a brand new trendy sportscar”, the same moment the Universe begins deliberations for your wish to become a reality. But then in the same breath you say “But I can’t afford it” and you dispel all that Universe was deliberating to make your wish come true.
Now that you are aware about the mechanism of the Law, make use of it. When you wish for something, say , a sportscar, but feel you can’t afford it become aware that you are transmitting thoughts which convey the message of scarcity. So you end up with being more scarce. So by changing our thoughts and emotions we can use them like a magnet to attract what we want.
To give another instance, let us consider money. You have been wanting money for a long time now. Just examine what you feel each time you think about money. Do you feel happy, elated or do you end up angry and disappointed? You may be even envious of those of have it. My experience says that most people are always emotionally confused when it comes to money. You need not worry. No matter how sad or frustrated you have felt, you can still change it. Just consciously practice the Law of Attraction by altering your thoughts and feelings and you will have money flowing into your life soon.
The Law of Attraction is a guiding beacon for everyone who wants to change conditions of his/her life. You just need to understand how this law works and use it to your benefit. Initiate activities to alter your thoughts and you can change a lot of things. What you should be aware is the kind of emotions and feelings you garner on a particular subject. That is a true measure of how you feel. Another scale to measure is the conditions of your life. Your emotions will be of the greatest assistance to you when you want to judge the energy and waves that you are transmitting. Emotions never lie.
The Law of Attraction may be defined as: I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.
Have you noticed that sometimes what you need just falls into place or comes to you from an out-of-the-blue telephone call? Or you’ve bumped into someone on the street you’ve been thinking about? Perhaps you’ve met the perfect client or life partner, just by fate or being at the right place at the right time. All of these experiences are evidence of the Law of Attraction in your life.

Have you heard about people who find themselves in bad relationships over and over again, and who are always complaining that they keep attracting the same kind of relationship? The Law of Attraction is at work for them too.